A) ISO Tank, NVOCC And Project Shipments

We are a full fledge isotank operator with our own fleet of isotanks all of which is under 7 years old and are constantly renewed under a consistent programme. We provide a full service isotank shipment capabilities to and from Asia with established partners in the regional countries. For the Middle East, Europe and America, we have co-share arrangements with reputable isotank operators such that equipment is pooled to provide time and cost efficiency. We also arrange shipments to destinations not frequented by usual commercial vessels - by special arrangements, vessel inducements and chartering. This has been undertaken in the past for the offshore oil and gas industry. Various products from light oleos to dangerous cargoes have been shipped. 

Our NVOCC services encompass full service arrangements for clients from haulage, shipping, documentation, permit declarations. Clients have out-sourced all their NVOCC shipping requirements to us covering even their imports from overseas where we work in close coordination with our overseas partners and agents. 

For project cargo, we have experience in handling shipments of heavy equipment especially for the offshore oil and gas industry. We have shipped line drums, generators, industrial scale pumps and other equipment from Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia to the Middle East and the Caspian.

B) Flexitank Shipments

We have flexitank operations to meet the demand of clients where other bulk methodologies are too cost inefficient or where the consignee has receiving difficulties. We provide a full service for flexitanks, from fitting, loading, shipping and documentation. While the flexitanks bags are fully insured against manufacturing defects and fitting errors we minimize risk by selecting the appropriate containers, fitting the flexitanks and attending the loadings where required. Flexitanks of different design and capacities are available, with liners, heating pads and other accessories.

C) Bulk Transfers

We also undertake bulk transfers of liquids, from isotanks to flexibags and vice versa; from isotanks to IBCs, from shore based tanks to platform supply vessels . Liquids handled by us have ranged from base oils, drilling fluids, synthetic and oil based muds, bromides, formates, sulphates and even flammable liquids. 

We have designed decanting and debulking systems for liquids and powders for large projects by offshore drilling companies. Many such projects have been successfully completed. For such activities, we design the operations with full HSE procedures and compliance acceptable to clients, the receiving and port authorities. We have undertaken such projects in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia.

D) Equipment Rental

For clients whose needs are short term or dedicated, we provide short term rentals for isotanks, IBCs and freight boxes. Arrangements for longer term leasing are also available. Under fleet management arrangements, clients have either purchased or leased the equipment on a long term basis for dedicated routes or products but have found it efficient to commission us to operate and maintain the equipment for them. This arrangement provides the client with certainty of equipment quality and availability. We are also able to source, assess, arrange re-condition for used equipment – isotanks, totes, cargo and seaworthy freight boxes, offshore tanks.
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  • Decanting of 8,000 IBCs of sodium bromide from IBCs to Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), 2012 to 2014 for offshore drilling contract; we designed   the system to decant 750 IBCs per 24 hour cycle
  • Decanting of 1,000 IBCs of potassium formate from IBCs to PSV, 2012 for offshore drilling contract
  • Decanting of 10,000 metric tonnes of base oil from isotanks to PSVs; 2012 to 2015 in Singapore, Johor Port, Batam
  • Agitating and Decanting of more than 5,000 metric tonnes of Oil Based Drilling Mud, Synthetic Oil Based Mud to PSVs
  • Arranging loading of 1,200 metric tonnes of base oil from a tanker to 60 isotanks; storage of the product; transfer of product from isotanks to       flexitanks for re-export in 2014 
  • Arranging for transfer of methanol from road tanker in Malaysia to isotanks for export, 2010
  • Assist to blend, load and transfer 1,000 metric tonnes of sodium brine from isotanks to PSV in Johor Port 2010 
  • Shipment of 6,000 metric tonnes (300 isotanks) to Australia in isotanks with 10 weeks to replenish unforeseen operating loss, 2014
  • Debulking barite and bentonite from supply trucks and pumping into PSVs 2016 
  • Various other bulk transfer projects before 2010 


Having been in operations for more than 15 years, we are supported by reliable counter parties to enable us to provide complete services in the region, from independent equipment surveyors, depots for cleaning and repairs, haulage and trucking companies, shipping companies for priority slots. Our reach in the region extend to most Asian countries and we have had experience even for challenging and outlying destinations in Indonesia, Philippines, the Caspian, Middle East, Inner China and Russia

We cooperate closely with our partners for shipments originating from the rest of Asia, Europe and America; with stronger focus in Asia.